In addition to Botox, facial wrinkle fillers have demonstrated great promise in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. In the past, fillers were primarily collagen-based products which required skin testing and could be associated with allergic reactions. In the past few years, newer more sophisticated products have become available which are better tolerated, last longer, and feel more natural. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular fillers in use today.

These fillers are made of a gelatinous substance, hyaluronic acid, which is found around the cells in the body. Juvederm is the most popular hyaluronic acids filler. Juvederm can be injected into deeper facial lines such as the deep lines around the mouth: nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Juvederm can also be used for lip augmentation. Recent formulations of Juvederm (Juvederm Ultra Plus) have improved longevity (up to 12 months) and contain lidocaine to make the treatment more comfortable.

Facial fillers are one of the the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. We are a Black Diamond Provider for Allergan Juvederm. This is the highest achievable level and means that we have the experience and expertise to deliver the best results. Dr. Burns personally performs Botox and Filler injections and does not delegate these cosmetic procedures.



A mini-facelift addresses gravitational aging in the midface and lower face. The incisions around the ear are shortened and some surgeons refer to this procedure as a “short scar facelift.” This procedure is ideal for younger patients in their 40s or 50 where gravitational aging is minimal and neck contour is satisfactory.  

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Mini Facelift with Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)


*All patients are unique and results may vary


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 Visualize Your Juvederm Treatment by Downloading the App

Many of our patients find it helpful to see what a filler could do for their appearance before treatment.  This also helps a patient see how much filler will be necessary to acheive the desired endpoint.  To visualize the treatment download the free App from iTunes or Google Play




30 minutes


Local anesthesia




Possible bruising




Back to work: immediate




Up to 12 months for Juvederm Ultra Plus formulation